Six Reasons to Hire Veterans

October 27, 2020

Medical Talent was founded by veterans and much of its leadership team is currently made up of people who have served in branches of the U.S. military. Our company has made a commitment to put veterans to work whenever possible. Why? Because veterans provide proven skillsets that are valuable to any organization.

Anyone who has served in the military has spent years learning discipline and leadership, teamwork and adaptability, as well as a variety of other skills. This combination makes hiring a veteran a wise investment, one that will prove its worth time and time again.

Here are six good reasons for any business to hire veterans.

  1. Leadership: Everyone in the military, no matter their rank, gets the chance to develop leadership skills early in their career. Veterans have learned how to lead by example, delegate, motivate and inspire others. This experience develops skills that are highly sought after in all industries. “Most people are not born leaders, but most service members have had a chance to lead in high stress, high tempo situations,” said Ron Smith, Medical Talent southeast market manager and retired USMC Master Sargent. “This education creates a valuable leader, one who leads from the front, morally, emotionally, physically and mentally.”
  2. Discipline and Teamwork: In addition to the skills necessary to do a specific job, most employers are looking for people who are disciplined and committed to the task at hand. Veterans start learning discipline and teamwork from the minute they get to boot camp. A cornerstone of military training, veterans know that a focused, regimented approach can make the impossible 100% attainable. “This is what a veteran brings to a team, the discipline to do things the right way, even if it seems impossible, until the job is done,” Smith said. When it comes to teamwork, veterans have already proven they can work as part of a team with a “get it done” attitude. You have a project that needs to get done right and on time? Veterans know how to do that. Smith continued, “A positive mindset is infectious in a team environment and is another reason why veterans make great team members”. Veterans also have high standards, including attention to detail and integrity.
  3. Hard Skills: Actual hands-on skills are critically important, whether you’re looking for a pipefitter, a welder or an x-ray tech. When people learn their skills in the military, they learn them thoroughly. They’ve been trained to learn quickly, shortening the learning curve and saving employers time and money. Veterans have also been taught the value of learning, which comes in handy when they need to take a refresher course to make sure they’re up-to-speed on current standards.
  4. Planning and Adaptability: Having a plan is important, but it’s just as important to be able to pivot when circumstances change. Veterans spend their military careers learning how to think on their feet, adapt, problem solve and stand up to adversity. “When you’re in the military you’re always thinking of contingencies,” explains Smith. “What happens if there’s a weather change? How does that impact us here? What’s my contingency for mitigating risk? Every plan could result in a dozen different scenarios and we have to be prepared for all of them.” Every business knows that the unexpected can and will happen. It’s critical that today’s companies hire people who can anticipate problems, adapt, and lead others through change. This is another area where veterans can deliver.
  5. Integration and cultural sensitivity: The United States military is a people-based organization. Its greatest asset is not advancements in technology or superior weapons, it’s the service member. They are continually being thrust into new situations and meeting new people, whether in their own barracks or another country. “Service members have cast aside any religious, racial or other beliefs that can drive people apart and can call each other family,” says Smith. “You quickly find out that what you may have been taught about a certain race or religion doesn’t matter when you sweat together, succeed and fail together in difficult times. All you know is the person next to you is what matters at that moment, not what they believe or look like.” This empathy and cultural sensitivity make it easy and seamless to integrate veterans into any workforce or environment.
  6. It’s good PR: People like doing business with companies that support veterans, and this is something you can promote on your website, hiring materials and social media.

Knowing all this, what business wouldn’t want to hire employees who come to the job with these skills and characteristics?

However, one of the very best reasons to hire a veteran is that it allows us to give back to the military personnel who have done their part to keep America free and safe.

Learn more about Medical Talent’s focus on veterans or adding more veteran talent to your next project by talking to any of our team.

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