How to Become a Traveling Healthcare Professional

October 21, 2020

Travelers Choose the Lifestyle

Becoming a traveling nurse or other healthcare professional is a lifestyle choice as much as it is a career option.

The lifestyle is popular with people who want more freedom, flexibility, and variety in their work, as well as a break from the stresses of traditional hospital employment.

Traveling healthcare professionals rely on dedicated recruiters to find them the right jobs in the right places. These recruiters are industry pros who are 100% focused on the job seeker and what they’re looking for. For some travelers, that priority is compensation. For others, it might be geography or culture.

X-ray Tech Corrine Delaney and her husband Will, a nurse, have been traveling for two years. While she has enjoyed her career choice for nearly two decades, she says they were looking for more money and great new places to experience. The team at Medical Talent has helped them achieve that.

“We just decide what states we want to visit, and we give the recruiters a list. They look for jobs in those states, and we pick where we want to go the most,” Corrine says.

The recruiters take it from there.

Open and Honest Communication

While listening to the travelers’ interests and requirements is important, it’s equally critical that the recruiter is a good communicator and puts in the time to find each person the exact role they’re looking for.

Travelers don’t want to play games with their careers and the best recruiters know that. If they don’t have a job in the specific location the nurse or provider is looking for, they are honest about it and look for other options.

The recruiters at Medical Talent are committed to open, honest communication and responsive attention to every associate, beginning with the first call.  They let each healthcare employee know what is expected from them, and also show them what they can expect from the recruiting team. This means being thorough with job details, requirements, credentials, and onboarding.

Achieving Individual Goals

Every healthcare employee has something valuable to offer. Effective recruiters look at the type of facility, experience and qualifications required for each position they’re filling and make the match.

The right fit allows each employee to be successful.

The Medical Talent team also helps travelers achieve their long-term goals. For example, if someone eventually wants to get a permanent job in one of the company’s partner facilities, Medical Talent can help them get the experience they need so they can come back and apply in the future. Or, they might place the healthcare pro in a smaller hospital so they can gradually stair-step their way up to the position they want.

Corrine says she’s pleased with the Medical Talent experience and how well the recruiting team is helping her and Will achieve their goals.

“Medical Talent is more knowledgeable and responsive than other recruiters I’ve worked with,” she says. “If I have a question, they get right back to me. They’re my safety net. They never leave me hanging.”

Looking Ahead: What We’re Seeing

The team at Medical Talent says the sheer scale and demands of the COVID pandemic has opened up more options for traveling healthcare professionals.

Beyond the emergency room, ICU, and vaccine clinics that are in the news, there is a resurgent demand for operating room professionals. When the pandemic hit, a lot of elective surgeries were delayed, but as more people become vaccinated, those procedures are coming back. That creates increased demand, more job openings, and more opportunities for traveling healthcare workers overall.

At the same time, hospitals and other medical facilities are gearing up for new COVID variants and a potential rise in cases.

The Demand is There

The Medical Talent team is in the process of recruiting a range of traveling healthcare jobs.

Let the recruiters at Medical Talent help you meet your professional and personal goals. Visit Medical Talent online to view current opportunities and learn more about joining the Medical Talent team.

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