We’ve seen an increased push for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the past few years – and that’s a good thing for businesses and job seekers alike. Along with this push is a renewed focus on unbiased hiring. As we finish out the year and move into 2023, the need for unbiased hiring is greater than ever.

Why is unbiased hiring essential?

The chief reason for making sure your hiring process is unbiased is obvious: You don’t want to get slapped with a discrimination lawsuit. But beyond that, hiring in an unbiased way ensures you’re building a diverse team. And that’s good for business.

Research from McKinsey shows that companies with more diverse leadership teams also performed better financially. Companies in the top quartile for gender diversity were 27% more likely to outperform other organizations in terms of profitability. Their data also shows that for every 1% increase in an organization’s diversity, the organization can predict a 3 to 9% increase in revenue. To put it simply, unbiased hiring equals more diversity, which equals better profits.

In addition to the monetary gains, unbiased hiring and diversity efforts also increase workplace productivity. When employees know their needs are being met by an organization that cares about openness and inclusion, they perform better. Decreased turnover, more innovation, and better decision making also trend upward in teams that boast diversity and equality.

How do you make your hiring process unbiased?

The reasoning for an unbiased hiring process is clear. But how do you go about making it that way?

The first step is to have a diverse hiring team – the people that are the best at hiring diversely are diverse themselves. Yes, this is a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation; but if you can make your hiring team as diverse as possible, you’ll see diverse results.

Resume scanning needs to be done blindly, with no identifying information about age, race, gender, or any other personal characteristics clouding judgement. Interview questions need to be based on the competencies required for the position, and nothing else. You can also consider including game-based assessments in your interview process to give every candidate an equal opportunity to showcase themselves.

Hire the Best People in 2023

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