Most healthcare professionals know about the major benefits of travel nursing. The pay is better than it ever has been, thanks to crisis rates, and you’ll enjoy other benefits like free housing, travel reimbursements, and more. But there are also many other perks of travel nursing that you might not have considered.  

You can “test drive” a new city. 

Have you always wondered what it would be like to live in Los Angeles? New York City or Boston? Miami, Nashville, or Austin? Travel nursing gives you the opportunity to “test” these cities and find out what’s to your liking. Then, you can make the decision to move there if you decide you like it enough to relocate permanently.  

You can make lifelong friends. 

Travel nursing is a great way to meet people and, in many cases, make lifelong friends through your assignments. You can even schedule travel nursing assignments together with your friends and explore new cities together. Over time, you’ll have a network of connections and lifelong friends all over the country.  

You can grow your resume. 

Travel nursing gives you the opportunity to work as a part of a variety of teams and in a variety of different healthcare settings, from busy emergency rooms to specialty clinics, large hospital systems, and everything in between. That’s not only a good thing for your hands-on experience, it helps build your resume to make you more attractive to hiring managers in the future.  

You can choose the weather you like.  

No, you can’t control the weather. But travel nursing does allow you to select assignments in locations that you desire, and in climates that you like. Head south in the winter to enjoy the sun and palm trees; stay in New England during the fall to experience those lovely autumn colors. There’s something to be said for moving around as you please to enjoy the weather you like best.  

You can find employment if your partner needs to relocate.  

If your spouse or partner needs to relocate for work, or if you decide you’d like to move to a new city together for a change of pace, you don’t have to stay behind until you find a permanent job in your new city. Simply talk to your recruiter about working a temporary gig in the new city, and you’re set.  

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