Sometimes, the term “travel nursing” conjures images of venturing far and wide, seeing every corner of the country and exploring a new city every few months. And for many travel nurses, that’s exactly what draws them to this area of nursing. But you might be wondering… what if you’d like to stay closer to home while being a travel nurse? Is it even possible?

Let’s take a closer look at local travel nursing and what it entails.

Can you be a travel nurse in your own state or town?

The answer is yes – you can absolutely be a travel nurse in your own state, or even in the town where you live. There are a lot of misconceptions out there that travel nurses must not work in their home state. But this isn’t always the case. Some healthcare facilities – and some staffing agencies – do set geographical restrictions, yes. But you can find out what kind of stipulations an employer has in place before signing on the dotted line if you’d like to avoid these restrictions and work in the same place you already live.

What are the benefits of local travel nursing?

The obvious benefit of local travel nursing is that it allows you to remain close to your home base – and your family. Whether you’d like to stay close to home because of childcare or family obligations, or you’re simply not interested in constantly traveling for your nursing work, you have the option of being a travel nurse in your own state or city.

Another practical benefit of local travel nursing: You don’t have to apply for and receive additional nursing licenses if you don’t plan on traveling out of state. This is especially helpful if you’re living and working in a state that doesn’t offer compact nursing licenses.

How do you land a local travel nursing contract?

How do you become a local travel nurse and start working in a facility close to home? The same way you land any travel nursing contract: by partnering with an experienced travel nursing agency. Medical Talent is your trusted healthcare staffing agency for top travel nursing positions. Our recruiters work closely with you to understand exactly what you’re looking for out of your travel nursing career and find you contracts that suit your needs.

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