Happy employees are more motivated to do great work, more likely to support their team members and collaborate, and less likely to seek work elsewhere. It goes without saying that keeping your employees happy is a good idea – but how do you do it?

Here are six suggestions on keeping your healthcare staff happy:

#1: Ensure proper work-life balance.

Good work-life balance is important in any field, but especially in the high-stakes, high-pressure world of healthcare. It’s very easy for nursing staff to get burnt out thanks to long hours, pressure from leadership, and difficult situations. And during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw the devastating effects burnout can have. So, ensure work-life balance for your staff by instituting flexible hours, making sure employees take regular breaks, and providing mental health and general well-being resources for employees to take advantage of.

#2: Foster a positive work environment.

Weed out any toxic team members or supervisors and address the problem before it’s allowed to fester. Encourage open dialogue and transparency among staff and leadership. Have channels available for employees to report any concerns anonymously if they choose. Taking steps like these helps to foster a positive work environment where everyone is valued equally and treated fairly.

#3: Recognize and reward.

An easy way to boost employee happiness is by recognizing and rewarding them for hard work. Give shout-outs in your team huddles; offer an extra day of PTO or a small bonus for going above and beyond on the job. It’s vital that your team feels seen and heard, rather than just doing their work in a vacuum.

#4: Provide growth opportunities.

No employee is happy for long if they feel they’re stuck in a dead-end job. That’s why providing pathways for growth and advancement is so important. Whether it’s the chance to move up the ladder of seniority or opportunities to learn new skills, offer growth opportunities for every level.

#5: Be competitive with pay and benefits.

When it comes to keeping your employees happy, tried-and-true methods always work best. Paying your staff competitively and offering a compelling benefits package are two of the primary ways to make sure your team members are satisfied. Be sure to keep up on what your competitors are offering so you know you’re staying relevant.

#6: Ask for feedback.

Happy employees feel that they can come to their supervisors with any concerns or issues. And when management regularly asks employees for their feedback, they feel valued and appreciated. Send out surveys on a regular basis, or simply ask employees how they’re doing. It goes a long way!

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