3 Benefits of Working with a Healthcare Staffing Agency

A shortage of nurses existed before COVID-19, but the pandemic certainly highlighted the problem – and made it worse. Demand for nurses and other healthcare professionals is expected to grow significantly over the next decade, which increases competition among healthcare organizations like yours. That’s where partnering with a healthcare staffing agency like Medical Talent can help.

Let’s examine just three of the major benefits of working with a healthcare staffing agency:

Fill Talent Gaps and Prevent Staff Shortages

Skills gaps and staff shortages aren’t just an inconvenience in the world of healthcare; it can lead to inadequate patient care. Whether it’s unplanned absences, maternity leave, or a pandemic stretching the pool of qualified talent thin, you need to be able to adapt – fast. Connecting with a healthcare staffing agency means you have the talent you need at your fingertips, when you need it. If you need to ramp up staffing for a busy period – like flu season, for example – you can do so quickly and efficiently. When you don’t need the extra help, you can scale back to save money and resources.

Save Time on Candidate Sourcing

How much time does your internal HR team spend setting up job listings, screening through applications and resumes, setting up interviews, narrowing down the list… it all takes up a lot of time and resources. When you rely on a healthcare staffing agency, the entire recruiting process is taken care of for you. That means you free up your core team to focus on operational objectives and important business tasks. Plus, you get the healthcare talent you need faster.

Outsource Payrolling and Credentialing

If you rely on a healthcare staffing agency for temporary nursing help, per diem, travel nurses, or other arrangements that aren’t permanent hires, the agency will help with any necessary vetting and credentialing. Plus, those nurses remain on the agency’s payroll, not yours. That means you offload the burden of payroll – including paycheck processing, distribution, tax withholdings, and much more – and let the professionals handle it.

Start Your Relationship with Medical Talent

Our medical staffing division can help you find the nurses and healthcare professionals your organization needs to improve patient outcomes and remain successful. Contact a member of our healthcare recruitment team to learn more about our services and get started.

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