Are You Missing Out on Job Offers Because of Poor Interviewing Skills?

May 16, 2022

Do you ever feel like you have all the right qualifications, all the right skills, and the experience to back it up – but you still aren’t getting the job offers you want? You might be chalking it up to bad luck, but there’s a good chance it’s due to something else: poor interviewing skills. Even the most qualified candidates won’t get a job offer if their interviewing skills aren’t up to par.  

If you think your interviewing skills could use a boost, here are five tips to improve them: 

1. Practice ahead of time.  

Interviewing is like anything else – the more you practice it, the better you become. That doesn’t mean you have to go on dozens of real-life interviews to get the experience under your belt. You just have to practice at home so that you’ll feel more comfortable when the real thing comes along. Practice answering mock interview questions, think about what you’ll say, and do it in front of a mirror to visualize how you’ll come across to the hiring manager. You’ll be amazed at the difference practicing can make.  

2. Do your research. 

Going into an interview completely blind is never a good idea. You’ll want to take the time to research the company, the department you’ll (hopefully) be working in, team members or supervisors if applicable, and any other important information you can find. The more you know about the company and its operations, as well as the organization’s mission and values, the better prepared you’ll be. And you’ll impress the hiring manager with your commitment.  

3. Consider your body language. 

Being withdrawn or standoffish in your body language is an instant turn-off to the hiring manager. Remember to monitor your body language throughout the interview. Don’t cross your arms; sit up straight and project an open, confident, friendly posture. Maintain eye contact tastefully and make it clear you’re listening by nodding and using affirming language.  

4. Dress the part.  

No matter the type or level of position you’re interviewing for, it doesn’t hurt to dress nicely. That doesn’t mean you have to go all-out and dress to the nines, but you should look professional and well-groomed. First impressions matter – and your appearance is one of the first things people notice about you. 

5. Come prepared with questions. 

Invariably, the hiring manager will ask you if you have any questions as the interview is wrapping up. Be sure to come prepared with a few questions. Not only will you learn more, you’ll show that you’re really interested in the position and the company.  

Put Your Interview Skills to Good Use 

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