How Do I Know if a Travel Nurse Position is For Me?

August 4, 2022

Travel nurses are in high demand right now, and it’s an exciting and dynamic part of the healthcare profession that many are interested in exploring. But it’s not for everyone. How can you know whether a travel nursing career is the right path for you?

Pros of Travel Nursing

One big benefit of travel nursing right now is it pays extremely well. You can negotiate high wages, especially in areas with significant healthcare worker shortages. Travel nursing is also a great way to explore the country and get to know a lot of different cities and landscapes. You’ll meet a wide variety of people and get to work on a wide variety of teams. And because many facilities are open to hiring travel nurses full-time if it’s a great mutual fit, travel nursing can serve as a good way to evaluate an employer before signing on the dotted line.

Cons of Travel Nursing

One con of travel nursing is that you’ll be away from home a lot – you won’t see your family and friends as often as you probably would if you worked close to home. You’ll also have to spend a good deal of time planning your next move and making sure you have contracts lined up if you want a steady income. (A travel nursing staffing agency like Medical Talent can help with this.)

Travel Nursing vs. Traditional Nursing

Traditional nurses get paid time off and can take vacations while still getting paid. Travel nurses don’t have this luxury. Travel nurses, because of the transient nature of their work, aren’t as likely to get involved in office politics and drama as a traditional nurse is. Taxes will probably be a bit more complicated for travel nurses than they are for traditionally employed nurses.

At the end of the day, travel nursing has plenty of benefits. But there are also a few cons to consider. The choice is entirely up to you and what’s best for your lifestyle!

Make The Right Choice For You

Interested in exploring the exciting world of travel nursing? Medical Talent’s Medical Division is here to help. Contact our recruitment team today to launch your journey with us.

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