Travel nursing is a fun, dynamic, exciting career choice. It also involves constantly putting the needs of others above your own, as do most nursing jobs. Over time, that kind of pressure can affect your work-life balance in a negative way.

Are you a travel nurse? Is your work-life balance feeling a little out of whack? Here are some tips to maintain it:

Practice self-care.

Get enough sleep. Eat well. Exercise. Schedule a spa day or start practicing yoga. Making time for self-care is so important as a nurse. After all, your job, day in and day out, is to care for others – it makes it very easy to forget to look after yourself. Making a point to take care of the little things is the best way to improve your mental wellness and stay fully charged.

Establish a routine.

The life of a travel nurse is filled with irregularities as part of the job. Different assignments, new schedules, new facilities and teams… the list goes on. Throw in a pandemic on top of that and you have a lot of flux. In the midst of a lot of change and uncertainty, it’s very helpful to have your own routine that keeps you grounded. Whether it’s a 10-minute meditation in the morning, or a quiet hour spent reading and drinking tea in the evening before bedtime, sticking to a calming routine of some kind is crucial.

Make time for hobbies.

Don’t forget to make time for the things you love. Whether it’s shopping, playing an instrument, reading, sketching or drawing, cooking, or spending time with loved ones, you don’t want to let work take over the time you have for hobbies and personal time. Doing things outside of work that recharge your social and mental batteries means you’re healthier and more effective when you return to work — and that’s good for the patients under your care.

Try a social media cleanse.

There’s so much negativity out there, and much of it is funneled directly into our eyeballs through social media apps. Consider taking a break from social media so that you aren’t constantly absorbing all that negative content. You’ll be surprised how refreshed you feel after even a week or two away from your social profiles!

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