Burnout in the healthcare profession is at a record high as the ripple effects of the pandemic continue to be felt. As an employer, it’s up to you to address the issue and make sure your employees are able to function at their best. But how do you do that?

Here are four ways to help your employees deal with – and avoid – workplace burnout:

Have open, honest discussions about mental health.

The worst thing to do is sweep the problem of burnout under the rug. If it’s ignored, it will only fester and get worse. Have frank discussions about mental health and workplace stress at your facility – make it clear that you’re there for your employees’ well-being in all ways and that you’re committed to them as individuals. When employees feel empowered to take charge of their own mental health, issues like burnout can be dealt with properly, or avoided in the first place.

Provide resources.

From benefits that include mental health providers to mental health materials in the employee handbook, make sure you’re providing your workforce with the resources necessary to avoid burnout. If employees don’t have any resources to turn to if they’re feeling burnt out, they’ll turn to other options – which may include leaving your company entirely.

Encourage time off.

Make it clear to your employees that their PTO is there for a reason. Too often, employees don’t take the time off that they’ve been allotted. As an employer, encourage employees to take time for themselves and use the vacation and sick days that they’ve been given.

Another way to encourage employees to take time for themselves is to provide flexibility in their schedules. From hybrid working arrangements to flexible start and end times, adding in some flexibility goes a long way toward keeping burnout at bay.

Lead by example.

If supervisors and department heads never take time off and work too many overtime hours, it will instill a culture of overwork that trickles down to every employee. Make sure your leadership team is leading by example in the self-care department.

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