Are you hiring? If you don’t have an employee referral program in place, it’s a good time to consider changing that. Referral programs are one of the best ways to get your workforce engaged in the hiring process itself, and the benefits are numerous.  

Here are just a few of the great reasons to engage your workforce with a referral program: 

It helps you cut recruiting costs.  

The process of putting together job descriptions and application forms, screening resumes and applicants, setting up interviews, and finally hiring a candidate is expensive, not to mention time-consuming. Getting a referral from one of your existing staff members cuts out much of that process, saving you from the costs associated with the traditional recruiting process. Even if you offer an employee referral bonus for the person who referred the candidate, it’s probably only a small amount compared to what you would have spent on recruiting and advertising efforts. 

It helps you find engaged talent. 

Another benefit of an employee referral program is that it helps you find engaged, motivated talent. Most people aren’t going to recommend their friends or family if they know it could look bad on them later. So, you can rest assured you’re probably getting a good hire when you rely on the advice of your existing team.  

It increases retention.  

Studies have demonstrated that for many companies, the best talent comes from within, either from internal hires/promotions or employee referrals. And the evidence also indicates that employees hired through referrals tend to stay with companies longer than those hired through other channels. So, to put it simply, engaging your current workforce in a referral program is a great way to increase retention. 

It makes recruiting faster. 

If your organization is like most, you want to cut down on lengthy processes whenever you can in order to save money and free up workers’ schedules to focus on important objectives. Using an employee referral program can help you do that. Hiring through referrals allows you to eliminate or streamline extra steps in the traditional hiring process in order to bring on new hires faster. 

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