Working as a travel nurse has many great benefits. High pay, a chance to see the country and explore new cities, the opportunity to work with a variety of teams, resume building… the list goes on. But one drawback of this profession is that you’re away from home a lot. That can make it difficult to maintain relationships back home while you’re out on the road.

Whether it’s a significant other, friends, or family members, there are steps you can take to keep up with the relationships you have back home. Here are some tips:

Use technology to your advantage.

Thankfully, the technology we have at our disposal today makes it easier than ever to maintain relationships even over long distances. Text or call your family members, friends, and significant other on a regular basis – communicating regularly is the key to maintaining any kind of relationship. And video chatting through apps like FaceTime or programs like Skype even allows you to see these people face-to-face. That means you can literally see the people who are most important to you whenever you have time away from work.

Set expectations.

Communicate clearly with your significant other, family members, and friends about when you’ll be available to talk with them, and what your schedule will be in terms of contract length. Get everyone on the same page about when you’re able to talk, and when you’ll be working and/or coming back home, and for how long. That way, no one is left in the dark. Being open and transparent about the expectations you have for communication is the best way to make it work.

Plan ahead.

As a travel nurse, you’ll be well aware of how long your contracts last, whether you’ll be extending them or not, and when you’ll be back home. Plan ahead to see the people you care about when you’re back home – set a date to get dinner, or go shopping, or simply hang out at home. Having that time to look forward to is a great motivator for you and the people who are looking forward to spending time with you back at home.

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Feel like you’re never hearing back when applying to jobs? It’s not that you’re a bad candidate – it might be that your resume isn’t up to par. When was the last time you took a look at your resume and made sure it was firing on all cylinders? Here are three quick tips to strengthen your resume:

#1: Tailor it with keywords.

For most of the jobs you apply to, your resume won’t get in front of human eyeballs right away. It will be processed by a resume parsing system, which scans your resume for keywords relevant to the job you’re applying for. When the system finds enough of the right keywords, it pushes you higher in the pile. That’s why you should tailor your resume to the specific job you’re applying for – take a look at the job description and be sure to include words and phrases from it in your resume.

#2: Make it skimmable.

No one likes to read long paragraphs. And a hiring manager who has hundreds of resumes to go through literally doesn’t have the time. That’s why making your resume “skimmable” is a good practice to follow. This means using lots of headings, varying the sizes of headings to create a logical hierarchy, and keeping paragraphs very short (3 sentences or so at most).

#3: Be specific.

In your work history segments, make sure you’re being specific about the results you brought to past employers. Rather than saying you “improved patient outcomes as a part of the intake team,” point out how you “raised patient processing times by 15% and cared for upwards of 10 patients per shift.” Getting specific with numbers helps hiring managers to see the real, quantifiable results of your work, and it helps you stick in their minds better, too.

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In some organizations, managers are more figureheads than leaders, and they tend to view their employees as nothing more than a number. They don’t think about the employees themselves; they just think about their work and what they can produce. It’s not about the people doing the work, it’s about the work itself.

Clearly, this isn’t good for the organization.

Here’s why all managers should get to know their employees aside from the work they produce:

It promotes a positive work culture.

When employees feel that their manager really knows them and their personality, it helps everyone to feel at ease and comfortable. It makes employees feel that their employment doesn’t hinge on what they can do, or how much they can get done during a shift – it makes them feel that they’re truly valued as a member of the team. On the whole, this promotes a positive work environment rather than a toxic one.

It opens the door for growth opportunities.

When managers get to know their employees a little better, they’ll get to know what they want out of their careers, and what they see for themselves in the future. That lets the manager better facilitate growth and advancement, improving the entire organization as a result. When the manager and their employees can work together to find mutually beneficial opportunities for improvement and growth, everyone’s happy.

It improves retention.

When employees don’t feel seen or heard by their managers, they don’t have much of a reason to stick around. Retention rates increase greatly when managers are engaged with their employees, when conversations are had frequently, and when the supervisor-employee relationship is one level deeper than a numbers game. If employees feel like they’re just one more cog in the machine, however, they’ll quickly jump ship to find something that suits them better.

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The Great Resignation has affected industries of all types. Workers are leaving at record rates as the Baby Boomer generation retires and social and cultural changes give workers more reason to leave the workforce – and either stay out entirely or find new jobs. In healthcare, this problem is further compounded by the burnout many medical professionals are still feeling as the COVID-19 pandemic wears on. If your facility is feeling the crunch, it’s really no wonder.

Partnering with a staffing firm is one of the best ways to stay afloat during The Great Resignation.

The Highest-Quality Professionals

Our experienced medical recruiters come from the healthcare field. That’s what makes them uniquely qualified to find the professionals you’re looking for. You need medical experts who are dependable, compassionate, and experienced. People who fit within your company culture to improve patient outcomes at every level. And because we’re committed to working with the very best healthcare workers and taking care of them, we attract the best – that means we pass the best on to you.

The Talent You Need, Fast

By the time you meet the talent we provide, they’ll have been thoroughly vetted, screened, insured, and ready to work. In healthcare, there’s not always time to wait around when it comes to filling crucial roles and covering for skills gaps – people’s lives depend on the staff you have on hand. That’s why Medical Talent makes a point to get you the people you need, fast. Whether it’s a Registered Nuse, surgical technologist, CNA, or anything in between, we can provide your facility with the healthcare experts that make a difference every single day.

A Trusted Long-Term Staffing Partner

Your relationship with us doesn’t end once we’ve placed the professional you’re looking for in your facility. We remain committed to your success – we’re your long-term staffing partner here to help you navigate fluctuations in staffing and demand. With any luck, The Great Resignation won’t last forever. But the effects of it will certainly stick around for some time. That’s why we’re dedicated to you and your facility’s success for the long term.

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