When you go about the sourcing and hiring process alone, it can be hard to find the people you want and need. You probably feel like you’re pulling from a very small batch of candidates and that you just don’t have the reach you need. That’s where a staffing firm comes in. Partnering with a staffing agency means you can access a much wider pool of candidates than you would be able to alone. Here’s why:

Recruiters have access to a large talent pipeline.

Recruiters make it their business to build up a large pool of vetted, qualified candidates for a variety of roles. And they spend years making connections with candidates and employers, and that vast network gives them access to candidates that companies can’t find on their own. Remember: Recruiters do this for a living. They’re well versed in finding the best possible fit for your open roles.

Recruiters can reach active and passive candidates.

Keep in mind that recruiters can reach out to active candidates, meaning individuals who are actively seeking a job. But they also have connections with passive candidates – those people who are already employed or aren’t looking for work, but may be interested in a new position if the right fit comes along. Sometimes, a passive candidate is the ideal choice for a certain role, but you would never be able to access that person without the help of an experienced recruiter.

Recruiters advertise on a variety of platforms.

A staffing firm uses advanced tools and technology like applicant tracking systems to find qualified candidates for your open roles. They also advertise their jobs across a variety of platforms – both the major job boards like ZipRecruiter and Indeed, and across social media channels as well. This increased reach means recruiters are able to pull in candidates from a wider diverse pool than you would on your own.

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Have you ever considered partnering with a staffing firm to source and hire top talent? There are many benefits to doing so. You’ll find qualified candidates quickly and reduce your time to hire and the costs associated with posting job openings, reviewing resumes, and interviewing. Plus, you’ll be able to free up your core staff to focus on broader objectives and facility goals rather than getting bogged down in the details of the hiring process. And it turns out that partnering with a staffing firm is mutually beneficial – it’s as good for the firm as it is for you.

A staffing firm can meet a variety of needs.

Do you need permanent or full-time team members to add to your roster? How about temporary or contract workers? Maybe you’re not ready to commit to a full-time relationship without testing out the employee on the job first. In any of these situations, a staffing partner can help. By offering temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire options – just to name a few – you’re gaining access to a variety of solutions to meet your hiring and staffing needs. And the staffing firm benefits from your business and gets to engage all its business lines as necessary.

A staffing firm is your long-term partner.

Don’t think of a staffing firm as a one-time solution. The aim is to be your long-term partner, available for you whenever the need for a staffing solution arises. Need one temporary employee in a few days to cover an unplanned absence? A larger pool of contractors to assist during busy periods? A full-time member of leadership to help guide your facility in a new direction? Staffing firms can help with all of the above. By remaining your trusted source for staffing, the firm keeps up business while your facility benefits from having the necessary staffing solutions available at a moment’s notice.

Staffing firms can help with more than just staffing.

Staffing might be in the name, but staffing firms also help with a lot more than just hiring. From assistance with worker classification and compliance to safety training, background checks, drug screenings, pre-employment interviews, and much more, you can rely on your staffing partner for a variety of needs beyond simply finding great people for your facility.

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