Feel like you’re never hearing back when applying to jobs? It’s not that you’re a bad candidate – it might be that your resume isn’t up to par. When was the last time you took a look at your resume and made sure it was firing on all cylinders? Here are three quick tips to strengthen your resume:

#1: Tailor it with keywords.

For most of the jobs you apply to, your resume won’t get in front of human eyeballs right away. It will be processed by a resume parsing system, which scans your resume for keywords relevant to the job you’re applying for. When the system finds enough of the right keywords, it pushes you higher in the pile. That’s why you should tailor your resume to the specific job you’re applying for – take a look at the job description and be sure to include words and phrases from it in your resume.

#2: Make it skimmable.

No one likes to read long paragraphs. And a hiring manager who has hundreds of resumes to go through literally doesn’t have the time. That’s why making your resume “skimmable” is a good practice to follow. This means using lots of headings, varying the sizes of headings to create a logical hierarchy, and keeping paragraphs very short (3 sentences or so at most).

#3: Be specific.

In your work history segments, make sure you’re being specific about the results you brought to past employers. Rather than saying you “improved patient outcomes as a part of the intake team,” point out how you “raised patient processing times by 15% and cared for upwards of 10 patients per shift.” Getting specific with numbers helps hiring managers to see the real, quantifiable results of your work, and it helps you stick in their minds better, too.

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