In today’s difficult labor market, it’s tough to attract great employees. Recruiting is harder than ever thanks to the cultural and societal shifts that have occurred over the past few years, often dubbed “The Great Resignation.” But recruiting great people isn’t as hard as you might think. Let’s take a look at some quick tips and then find out what the best way to recruit employees really is.

Have a Clear Employer Brand

When prospective employees encounter your company – online, through a contact, on social media, etc. – what do they find? How does your company come across? Your employer brand is extremely important, because it is literally the first impression a potential employee gets. They’re asking themselves questions like “Why would I want to work here?” and “What sets this company apart?” Define your employer brand – your mission, vision, and values – and make sure it comes across through all mediums.

Craft Compelling Job Posts

Part of your employer branding is your job posts themselves. Revitalize and refresh your job listings to make sure they’re attracting the candidates you want. Use language strategically to impart your employer brand and attract candidates who fit your organizational culture and structure. If humor is a part of your company culture, include it in the job postings. If you’re trying to appear professional and sleek, tailor the language to that end.

Use Social Media

Speaking of online presence, make sure you’re meeting employees where they are today: on social media. Do candidates still find jobs on job boards? Yes, but they’re often led there from a social media post. Put your openings on your social channels as well as on sites like LinkedIn so that prospective employees can find them.

Rely on Referrals

Sometimes, the best way to find a great team member is through a referral. Ask your current team about the great people they know. You’ll be surprised at the results you get. You can even set up a referral rewards program, in which employees that refer another great team member get a cash bonus or gift card.

The Best Solution: Trust Your Recruiting to Medical Talent

The above tips certainly help attract great employees. But the best recruiting strategy of all might be to rely on a professional staffing firm like Medical Talent. Leverage our medical recruiting experience to find the employees your facility needs – contact our team today to get started.